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Oracle database 11g new features pdf

oracle database 11g new features pdf

For example, PL/SQL unit P depends on PL/SQL unit Q or that view V depends on table.
The wait option is starcraft 2 pc game full the new default.
In highly concurrent environments, the requirement of acquiring a DML-blocking lock at the beginning and end of an online index office 2007 enterprise serial crack creation and rebuild could lead to spikes of waiting DML operations and, therefore, a short drop and spike of system usage.With this feature, this restriction has been lifted.Adding new columns with default values and NOT null constraint no longer requires the default value to be stored in all existing records.Initially, all dependent materialized views need to do a complete refresh.This feature minimizes the need to recompile dependent PL/SQL packages after an online table redefinition.Finer Grained Dependencies, in previous releases, metadata recorded mutual dependencies between objects with the granularity of the whole object.Online Redefinition for Tables with Materialized View Logs.The wait option gives you more flexibility to define grace periods for such commands to succeed instead of raising an error right away, thus requiring additional application logic to handle such errors.The wait time is specified instance-wide (in the initialization parameter file) and can be modified on a session level.
Read-Only Tables, oracle Database 11g introduces new alter table syntax.
At the end of the redefinition, rowid logs are invalidated.
The benefit is felt both in the development environment and when a live application is parsed or upgraded.
Nevertheless, in earlier releases, V was invalidated by the addition of column C99.Online Index Creation and Rebuild Enhancements.Data definition language (DDL) commands require exclusive locks on internal structures.Online index creation and rebuild prior to this release required a DML-blocking lock at the beginning and end of the rebuild for a short period of time.For example, if view V depends only on columns C1, C2, and C3 in table T and a new column, C99, is added, the validity of view V is not logically affected.The following features can significantly reduce the downtime required to make changes to an application's database objects.This feature eliminates the need for DML-blocking locks when creating or rebuilding an online index.Invisible Indexes, an invisible index is an alternative to making an index unusable or even to drop.This means that dependent objects were sometimes invalidated when there was no logical requirement to.Applications often have to be modified without being able to bring the complete application offline.The benefit occurs when an Oracle Database patchset is applied because changes to schema objects are required to be compatible and, therefore, not cause consequential invalidations.An invisible index is maintained for any DML operation but is not used by the optimizer unless you explicitly specify the index with a hint.By reducing the consequential invalidation of dependent objects in response to changes in the objects they depend upon, application availability is increased.With this feature, the owner too can be prevented from doing unintended DML to a table.